Meet Cherry

It’s been a long time coming but we have launched boo! For the past year I’ve been wanting to launch my own personal style blog and it literally took me ages to get here. Why did it take so long you ask? Unfortunately that doesn’t have one straight answer, but I can tell you this much; Life happens! For a good year I was not positioned in the right environment, didn’t have the right friends and just started to forget who I was altogether, therefore I even forgot about my dreams. Crazy right? First and foremost, I had to take responsibility of the energy I allowed around me. Sometimes we aim to achieve many successes and want it to happen on our time, in our way, at our pace. However success, fulfilment and breakthrough in our being is far more important. Growth just happens to require growing pains, unfortunately but fortunately cause it got me here. Taking steps.

Now let’s talk fashion! The way we dress says a lot about who we are. Fashion doesn’t divine you but it surely does describe you. It is the loudest scream, it either says; here I am or here I hide. I’ve loved fashion ever since I was a little girl. I could watch the runway shows broadcasted on FashionTV for hours. Back then, I didn’t believe I could have an actual career in the fashion industry. But at the age of 26 your girl is out here trying it anyway.

Before I started, I literally looked at myself in the mirror and said; ‘’Cherisha, if you do this, you have to be yourself or else it won’t work. Just be you’’ Facts! We can’t be out here faking it, besides what’s more personal and more Cherry (my nickname) than a personal style blog by yours truly. Innovative..? Meh maybe not but at the time I thought it was genius lol. So here I am fashionably inspiring people like you. Well hopefully..haha. It’s a start, a creative expression shared to inspire whomever stops by.

‘’Either dressed up or dressed down, be yourself’’ – Cherisha Etnel



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