Champion & Vans In Brussels

Over the weekend I travelled to Belgium where I was invited to the YouTube space in Brussels. It was an opportunity for small YouTubers to network with one another but also meet the people who work in the HR department of Google and YouTube. It was a fun weekend filled with all kinds of workshops, camera & filming tips and of course lots of food and drinks. I honestly had the time of my life there. Now let’s get into what I wore to this event. First thing that comes to mind of a fashion guru when invited to any occasion is; what should I wear?!

I knew I would be on my feet all day, so this wouldn’t be the time for those uncomfortable heels I got hiding somewhere in the back of my closet. We’ll save those for Christmas lol. So I once again kept things comfortable and cute with my Champion t-shirt purchased from TopShop (€29,-), plaid skirt from Zara (€15,95), Vans (€70,-), my beloved belt from H&M (€14,99) and the people’s favourite FILA puffer jacket which was, as you know by now, thrifted at Episode for only €45,-.


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