Drippin’ Weekday: Hypnotic Hoodies & Vinyl Trousers

If you haven’t been up to date with Weekday’s current campaign items, it’s all good! Cause Cherry got you covered. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to pick out some of their latest trendy pieces that will get you right for this coming Winter. Today we’re about to highlight the Aubergine vinyl trousers and the Hypnotic hoodie

I’m a big fan of the Weekday hoodies and already have a couple of them stacked up in my closet. However this year they came all the way through with the Hypnotic hoodie, which is, might I add, a stand out piece cause of it’s full moon print on the back. Further the quality is amazing, with it being made of super soft material and a nice big hood as the cherry on top. You will be able to cop your own hoodie for only €40,-. They’re selling out quick. So visit weekday.com right now to get you one!

Now let’s talk about these trousers! Ooh baby baby baby. I can’t lie, I’m kind of feeling myself in these vinyl trousers. I’ve been looking for a pair that fits my style for the longest. Even though they’re everywhere right now, I still had a hard time finding a pair that would fit me right. But Weekday has done it once again! They’re always able to keep up with the latest fashion runway trends without losing their own Scandinavian street style niche and I just have to applaud them for that. What I love most about the Aubergine trousers, is that it’s a straight leg, it has an escalated waistline finished of with a concealed zipper on the left side. Therefore they’re also very comfortable. Get them here now!

Tip: When buying the Aubergine’s online, try getting them a size bigger than what you’d usually wear cause they fall small. Plus don’t forget! If you’re a student, you’ll get 10% discount on your purchases.


Let’s not ignore these sock boots though cause they’re steaming hot!! I purchased them from Zara recently for only €39,95. You can get them here.


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