Thrifted Adidas Tracksuit

Somebody told me the other day; ”Cherry, you’re the definition of a Hypebeast”. I wasn’t sure to take that as a compliment or nah. But for those of you who don’t know, a Hypebeast is somebody who only wears branded clothing for clout. By branded I mean, FILA, Nike, Kappa, Adidas etc. With their merchandise you can’t (even if you try) miss that huge logo plastered on your hoodie, jacket or sneakers. Whatever. I like branded clothing, so what? Might I add that this tracksuit is actually thrifted from Cheap Fashion. I like my brands and splurge on a little something every now and then. But if I’ll do that all the time, I’ll end up broke lol. Therefore you have to be smart if you have expensive taste. So if you must know, a majority of the branded items I own are actually thrifted.

As is this tracksuit. Like I said before, I thrifted the jacket for €16,- and the track pants were only €20,-. This wasn’t an actual set I was just lucky enough to find the jacket to match the pants, which I bought a month prior. There you have it folks. Do not underestimate the magic of a thrift shop!



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