Kappa Gear Giveaway! (February 2018) CLOSED

As you should know by now, every first day of the month here on JustBeCherry we do a giveaway! I thought that some Kappa gear would be nice since I’ve posted multiple pictures on my Instagram with them on. And some of y’all have been raving about it. So why not gift my lovely subbies with some brand new Kappa gear. Allow me to help you get your wardrobe right! 😉

How to win you ask? Here are the rules! All you have to do is sign up to my email subscriber list, as these giveaways are for email subscribers only. If you’re already signed up, you’re once again eligible to win this amazing price. If not, make sure you sign up here.

You have until February 27th 2018 to sign up. If you win, I will personally contact you by email on February 28th 2018 by 12PM. If not, no worries! Cause as you know by now these giveaway events are annual!

God bless & good luck!



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