The Camo Print Trend

It took me a while to warm up to this one! The camouflage print trend. I’m surprised it took me this long cause it didn’t matter how many runway shows would feature it or what style icon would rock this, I still refused to get me a pair. Ok ok well, I have to admit there were some ladies (and gents too) who made it very tempting for me to hop on this trend also but they still weren’t the ones who got me over the cliff. After running into these pair of blue camouflage pants at Urban Outfitters I could not resist, with them retailing for only €59,- ( buy here.) And while I was at it, I thought it’d be only fit to get me a whole outfit, so I purchased this blue sweat ( buy here ) to match with the sentence ”The Future Is Yours” printed on the back and front. How fitting!






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