A Classic Black Dress, Hyped Up!


I went for a Weekday outfit this Saturday..well actually Friday. Anyways it’s weekend! I’ve been out on the town with some of my friends & loved ones Friday night, and I rocked this little number. I just can’t wear a classic black dress without hyping it up a little bit and by that I mean; adding some of my favourite brands to make it not so traditional. Spoken like a true Hypebeast :p

This go around I went for the unpretentious Pose maxi dress from Weekday (€30,-) buy here, which I accessorised with a Kappa belt (€29,-) purchased from Urban Outfitters buy here. The faux fur jacket is the statement piece of this whole look. I love it especially for its short boxy cut, big round collar and short wide sleeves with folded cuffs buy here, totally up my alley! My socks are obviously Kappa! And my sneakers are ”also VERY obvious” my FILA disruptors  because I act as if I don’t own any other shoes but those buy here. If I keep it up like this, these once bright white sneakers will end up looking more off white-ish or eggshell whatever you’d like to call it haha


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