My Top 6 Spring 2018 Essentials

Spring is on, popping and in full effect! And you can actually tell by the weather this time. Can we get into the fact that it was 20 degrees Celsius this past weekend, hello! Allow me to enjoy this moment as temperature according to it’s season is rare in the Netherlands. So since the weather is adjusting my wardrobe might as well. This is basically a great excuse to do some shopping lol. As I did this past Saturday. My friend and I spent some time in Amsterdam, we took pictures around Prinsengracht, attended a Cluse event plus had some lunch at Ree7 and the highlight of that day was defintely shopping at Kalverstraat. I took it upon myself to spent my money on Spring essentials only. Trust me, I got more then 6 items but I had to shorten this list for you or else this post would be way too long haha. So let me break it down for you, here are my top 6 Spring essentials!

One . Trenchcoats – If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw me rocking this lovely green trench coat on your feed! I got it from Zara for only €69,95 (buy here). Not only are trench coats one of the hottest trends this season, it’s the perfect coat/jacket for a colder Spring/Summer night.  Due to it’s versatility it can be dressed up and/or down. See below how I went for a more dressed down streetwear style vibe.
Two . Dante6 sweater – I visited a sample sale  featuring some of the hottest high end brands. And I happen to run into this Dante 6 sweater that would normally retail for €170,- but I was able to cop it for only €50,-. I looooove me a good bargain buy, y’all should know this by now. So I am really happy with this one. Tomato red also happens to be one of the ten spring colours this season, according to Vogue (see post).

”A totally bold, entrancing hue. Indulge in ample dresses, 3.1 Phillip Lim,

voluminous cocktail dresses, Alexander McQueen, or sophisticated pajama suits,

Victoria Beckham”

– Vogue


Three . Plaid pants – Plaid pants are THE thing for this season! And you guys have seen this one before but I have to mention it again, I love these particular pants most because they basically resemble Burberry. Thing is, I didn’t have to spend Burberry money on them. I got it at the thrift shop for only €20,-. But I can’t lie these pants are not the only pair I own. I got about a dozen or more. What I mostly love about the plaid pant trend is that it’s so many styles mixed in one, French meats retro and then don’t forget about all the different fits; chino, skinny, baggy, cropped etc. That’s why any girl can find a pair that fits her best.


Four . Blazers – Blazers suddenly became somewhere around 2017. It was the trend no one saw coming. It was definitely a staple of mine around Fall 17, however I’m not completely sure how it also made it’s way into my spring essentials. But here it is! However I have to say last year it was more about the checked blazer but this spring we’re moving into a fresh palette of refreshing blues, pretty pinks and eclectic patterns. Or even accessorising your blazer with a belt for an extra snatched waist is hot this spring. You can do it all, there are no rules 😉


Five . Fanny pack – I love myself a good ole fanny pack! It’s that odd trend that came back and when it did, we dreaded it for a minute until we remembered why we loved them in the first place. It’s practicality! It’s like carrying a bag without having the feeling of carrying a bag. I own only two of them (in black) but I plan on getting a lot more colours for this spring season. 


Six . Micro sunglasses – If it was up to me, this would be trend that would never have to die. While at first I thought it was quite odd. Like why wear sunglasses that provide no UV protection whatsoever but then I remembered that nothing in fashion is supposed to really make sense. We just accustomed to it I guess and so I did! 😉


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