What Camera Equipment Do I Use For My Instagram Pics?

Not a day goes by without someone on Instagram asking me what camera I use to take my pictures with, or ”what app creates that filter?” Lol. Now in order to take great pictures it requires a good camera, yes, but it also requires some skill, knowledge, patience and an eye on how you want things to look, your own creative stamp that sets you apart from the rest. That’s a lot right? And I haven’t even addressed editing yet! Thing is, you can have a great camera, but if you don’t know what to do with it or you don’t at least know how to edit. Chance is your pics still might come out looking bad. If I would address every aspect of photography, we could be here all day. And I don’t even consider myself to be a professional but I guess you can say I’m quite advanced..right? hihi. Anyway for todays post I’ll just let y’all in on all the equipment that I use to take my Instagram pictures with. So here goes nothing!


Camera Equipment

  1. Canon 700 DSLR camera: I’ve had this baby since 2011 but didn’t really start using it until about 3 years ago. I mainly use this to take all of my instagram pictures with and I always make sure to shoot RAW, which is a slight bigger file than JPEG, but RAW is way more convenient for editing. For detailed shots I use my 50mm lens and for outfit shots I prefer to use my kit (18-55mm) or 10-18mm lens. I also use this camera to film all of my YouTube video’s.
  2. Fuji Instax Mini: My latest purchase which was also a gift to myself, is the Fuji Instax Mini. Before I used to own the Instax Mini 8, so I had to upgrade. Polaroid pictures have been hot as of late and if you haven’t noticed, where ya been?! I usually use them to capture special moments with my friends and family and lay them out to be used in flat-lays.
  3. iPhone 8 Plus: Before I got all boujee, most of you guys know that I only used my iPhone to take my pictures with. Now I only use it for my Instastories. But if you can’t afford a DSLR camera, using your iPhone will work just fine. Trust me! They work great for taking outfit shots and let’s not forget about the portrait mode for close up, beauty and detail shots. One crucial point for taking great iPhone picture is LIGHTING! I believe that’s always an important matter, but the iPhone has such a small lens that when the lighting hits it from a wrong angle it can mess up your whole picture, while with a DSLR camera that would still be workable. So make sure you get the right angles when shooting with an iPhone.
  4. Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 VI: Now, I recently pre-ordered this one as it won’t be release here in the Netherlands until July 14th 2018. And I mainly got it to upgrade my vlog footage cause carrying that big ole DSLR camera when vlogging is a struggle. Usually I also feel kind of embarrassed to pull out my Canon 700D in public settings and therefore I often miss out on capturing awesome vlog footage. Why did I order it? First of, like I said because of it’s size. Second, it can shoot in 4K, meaning that I’ll probably be able to use it to shoot my lookbooks also and lastl, it has 24-200mm zoom without the hassle of switching lenses. Great buy might I add!

Camera Accessoires 

  1. Canon RC-6 remote: I use this remote to take my own pictures. Usually my friend from church helps me with taking pictures, but there are days when he’s tired or just plain booked and busy (lol). And that’s when I got to do it myself using this remote. The most amazing feature about this remote is that it has a 2 second timer, so that basically gives you 2 whole seconds to figure out what the pose will be. You click, you pose, you shoot and done! You got your picture. When taking my own pictures, I do make use of the auto function on my camera. Otherwise I prefer shooting manual.
  2. BENRO KH25N Tripod: With taking your own picture a tripod will come in very handy also. Or else…what is your camera going to stand on? I’ve seen some people use books or a table instead but trust me, that’ll eventually become a struggle.
  3. Joby GorillaPod 500: A gorilla pod is a lighter, smaller and more flexible version of the tripod. I use this for vlogging. The gorilla pod provides ‘extra arm length’ so you can vlog using a wider shot.
  4. Manfrotto Smartphone Clamp: The smartphone clamp comes in handy when you want to stand your iPhone on your gorilla pod and/or tripod. You screw the clamp unto your tripod and attach your phone to the clamp and you’re good to go. Very easy! I used to do this when I’d take my outfit pictures using my iPhone.


I hope these tips helped you guys and if you have any more questions regarding photography or editing, feel free to hit me up on Instagram and I’ll make sure to take it up in the next tech talk blog post. Now go out there and be great! xx Cherry


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