My First Riverdean Watch!


Watches are making a comeback! Remember when smartphones just hit and wearing a watch became less of a necessity? Why buy a watch if you can tell time on that smartphone you just spent over $1000 ,- on right? But as all old styles are becoming new again, so did watches. Many different brands have been dropping these unique timepieces and are totally killing it, with Riverdean Watches it’s no different. So I felt more than honoured when they approached me for this collaboration.

I partnered up with them (Riverdean) as one of their brand ambassadors. Riverdean Watches is a company dedicated to creating the most beautiful timepieces and was founded in Geneve, Switzerland circa 2013. They have a mindset and are committed to create timepieces that represent elegance and innovation for those who are conscious about their style. As their ambassador, they gifted me with this beautiful rose gold watch, also referred to as the Tribeca, that I was able to pick out myself. I absolutely love it’s design! It’s such a modern timepiece paired with a matching strap in stainless-steel and mesh achieves. A modern look with a numberless three-hand dial.

Usually I am not the biggest fan of rose gold but I wanted to try something different and now I can’t stop wearing it. It easily goes with every single outfit because of it’s minimalistic design, for me that is perfect since my clothing style is very versatile. But guess what guys! You too can get your own Riverdean Watch with a little discount from your girl. Who wouldn’t want that!? Using my discount code JUSTBECHERRY20 while checking out, will offer you 20% off of your first purchase. What are you waiting for loves, visit Riverdean Watches their online shop now to get your own beautiful watch!

Here are some of my personal favs xx




1. The Tribeca – buy here

2. The Birdy – buy here

3. The Sailor – buy here

4. The Pharaoh – buy here

5. The Compass – buy here

6. The Avalon – buy here

Don’t forget to use JUSTBECHERRY20 at checkout for your 20% discount!




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