The Art Of Preparation

Today, I wanted to share a YouTube video I uploaded on my channel earlier because this one has to be one of my favourites as I address some serious discussion points while doing my make up. These types of talking videos are also referred to as Get Ready With Me(s). You’ve probably heard of them before, where young women do their makeup and kind of ramble about whatever is on their minds. Kind of similar to a ladies bathroom break but then in front of the camera lol. All jokes aside though, in this ‘Get Ready With Me’ I chatted about importance of understanding your preparation era or as I refer to it as; ‘The Art Of Preparation’ as it’s truly an art form. So many young folks are in such a rush to achieve great things and/or make their dreams come true, that they fail to seize opportunities presented right in front of them. Your road to success will require you to take action right now, yes, but that action doesn’t always look the way you imagined. I understand that your circumstances can stress you out and therefore you’d rather stay distracted in your future but getting ”there” will require you to be present first. Success is never one miraculous thing that’ll suddenly happen but it is a multitude of steps you have to take and decisions you have to make (also see this video). Don’t be too distracted in what’s to come but make the most out of right now. See what I’m talking about by clicking that play button down below.


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